On being in Barcelona, Bootylicious, & Bad Cop

So I've just realized that I took a yearlong break from this blog. Which I did for whatever reasons I did that for: being “busy”, wanting to focus on other things, a desire to “lay low”, a lack of inspiration, or the usual reason - copious bouts of laziness. A year seems so long, yet, the time has quickly vanished and here we are again. I swear, the years seem to compress with age.

Anyways, I thought I would share some "bits" from the past year, because you know, you care. 

First update - I travelled to Europe earlier this year. Which may not seem like much to those of you who frequent Paris, Geneva and the Swiss Alps on the regular, but for me, the girl from Vaisala, Savai’i who frequents Polynesian Airlines from Tafuna to Fagali’i and then Lady Naomi to Salelologa, it was truly epic. Truly, I haven’t had my senses awakened like that in such a long time. The food, accents, perspectives, history, art, fashion, people. It was a delicious sensory overload, and one I didn’t realize my existence was starved of and craving so deeply until I devoured it. I can’t quite muster up the adjectives to describe it other than to say, Barcelona, Spain is one beautiful place. I attended the largest telecom (my field) conference in the world, like 100,000 people were there and they released and demo’d every new gadget likely to make a blip in the industry during the week long event.  It was in two words "world class".   It really opened my eyes professionally and personally it reignited a creative thing in me, perhaps it was the inspiration I’d been lacking all these months. Fefe e ia muli e fia alu I Barcelona e su’e inspiration ai. Lol Ia, I ain’t sorry, fai mai ai Bey.

Second update – Speaking of Bey, my younger daughter, Idania, aside from being more feisty (fa'ali'i), and more tenacious (fiapoto), than my older one, she is also what you’d call more bootylicious (overweight). She is one year old and she is sharing clothes with my 5 year old. And the clothes don’t fit in that, slightly oversized but more its more comfortable kind of way. They fit like “wow, she’s big boned isn’t she? It looks like it might rip” kind of way. I find myself conflicted about this, on the one hand, she’s a growing kid, let her eat, and on the other hand - am I enabling her to have diabetes before she even has a chance? Of course, my mother exacerbates this struggle, “va’ai le fika a si a’u kama I fa’alekogu.” (Please watch my baby's figure, it might be problematic) Mother! You’re going to give her an eating disorder, stahp! This immediately makes me want to snack on some cookies and milk while I wonder where this vicious cycle starts and stops. I’ve resigned to just, keeping the food in the house healthy as possible, and yelling at my husband to not do whatever the 5 year old tells him to do which invariably involves buying cookies and McDonalds whenever she feels like it.  

This brings me to my next point – it should come as no surprise but my husband and I have pretty polar opposite parenting styles.  This makes for many “fun” grown up discussions about how much time should be spent on homework, when is bed time, and the amount of yelling that is appropriate for a 5 year old to hear. My arguments are always along the lines of - Dude, which of you is the adult? You don’t just give a 5-year-old McDonalds whenever she wants, and then let the 5 year old play with the toy and let the 1 year old eat the fries. His arguments are usually – Stop being such a crazy, control freak, don’t yell at the kids, thats considered abuse. I can take my kids to eat McDonalds if I please.  Usually after an hour of that, I spontaneously combust and obliterate him to a pile of ashes. I'm kidding (that's how it goes in my head) but let me just tell you – its hard enough managing your own relationship with different perspectives, when you have to make decisions about the new humans in your relationship, and you can't just agree to disagree, shit can get real. Suffice to say, we haven’t got it all figured out, but we do our best, agree to just love the kids at the end of the day. For now, most of the time, I am bad cop. And he gets to enjoy being (walked over) Good Cop. Lets see how we go. I’m certain these roles are not stagnant and I’m not ready for the rest of the roller coaster ride. I’m just not. Kris Jenner, show me your ways. 

Final update – I’m joining a weight loss challenge today. I am committing to a healthier lifestyle (for the nth time). And promising (once again) to make the needed changes to transform into my inner Gigi Hadid (Zayn and I have beautiful kids), but first I need to curb my appetite for donuts and vodka. Some shit never changes. 


Goddess said…
oh Barcelona why are you so far away??? ---ia malo le onosai Beyoncé, fai fai a lelei lol. and my last comment, is,....I totally get that bad cop/good cop struggle, except im the good cop mostly, haha, jokes. im also on a weight loss challenge, I signed up ae airena show up choohoo. malo le eva,