Be your own reference

It’s a Saturday night, I’m in the office editing my mom’s thesis, which I can tell from reading it, is doing her head in. Lol! As I’m editing, I have to keep smiling as I’m reading through and noticing (not surprisingly) that she is liberally asserting her personal views as she reviews change management literature and just casually challenging accepted findings because as she says “in my experience, I find it to be quite the contrary.” Insert comment: [Mom, again, this is your opinion (you’re probably right), add a reference supporting your position]

On the eve of Mother’s Day, I find this to be a poignant reminder of the lessons my mother has imparted on me. And there are so many. But just like she so freely acts as her own reference throughout her research, she really demonstrates and does this every day. She reminds me to be my own reference, to be valid without the need for a reference or validation from others. Just as she does, she reminds me to never make my validity dependent on the views, thoughts, ideas, or approval of anyone else. Always believe unequivocally in your own ability and voice, and always assert it with absolute conviction. 

Preach, mama! Happy Mother’s Day!