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You took the neatly woven strands of our trust
And you ripped them out by the roots  Before incinerating them with your raging selfishness Inducing a fiery irreparable pain in the process Reducing the once strong bond to useless smoke and ashes  I am broken  Into a million bloody fragments  Utterly Undone  The sinews under my skin are weak Barely holding me together  My body an empty shell Hollow  Gutless Nothing within me but grief  My tears are dried up by the pain There is nothing left Just useless smoke and ashes

Pinterest Wisdom

During challenging times, when I am lost in my own human helplessness, when I find myself devoid of solutions and left wondering about the fairness and purpose of life, I often turn to the source of all knowledge, wisdom and absolute truth for answers: my Bible Pinterest.

Today's pearl of procrastination irrefutable faith restoring truth:

Be your own reference

It’s a Saturday night, I’m in the office editing my mom’s thesis, which I can tell from reading it, is doing her head in. Lol! As I’m editing, I have to keep smiling as I’m reading through and noticing (not surprisingly) that she is liberally asserting her personal views as she reviews change management literature and just casually challenging accepted findings because as she says “in my experience, I find it to be quite the contrary.” Insert comment: [Mom, again, this is your opinion (you’re probably right), add a reference supporting your position]
On the eve of Mother’s Day, I find this to be a poignant reminder of the lessons my mother has imparted on me. And there are so many. But just like she so freely acts as her own reference throughout her research, she really demonstrates and does this every day. She reminds me to be my own reference, to be valid without the need for a reference or validation from others. Just as she does, she reminds me to never make my validity dependen…

On being in Barcelona, Bootylicious, & Bad Cop

So I've just realized that I took a yearlong break from this blog. Which I did for whatever reasons I did that for: being “busy”, wanting to focus on other things, a desire to “lay low”, a lack of inspiration, or the usual reason - copious bouts of laziness. A year seems so long, yet, the time has quickly vanished and here we are again. I swear, the years seem to compress with age.
Anyways, I thought I would share some "bits" from the past year, because you know, you care. 

First update - I travelled to Europe earlier this year. Which may not seem like much to those of you who frequent Paris, Geneva and the Swiss Alps on the regular, but for me, the girl from Vaisala, Savai’i who frequents Polynesian Airlines from Tafuna to Fagali’i and then Lady Naomi to Salelologa, it was truly epic. Truly, I haven’t had my senses awakened like that in such a long time. The food, accents, perspectives, history, art, fashion, people. It was a delicious sensory overload, and one I didn’t r…

Becoming an orchid

Today marks 1 year for me in my current job. I don’t celebrate work anniversaries (lol) but it’s a small milestone and that I find myself grateful for, and has me reflecting on the small wins, and the big failures along the way. Here’s a few random thoughts on some of the challenges and coping mechanisms. I have gained a heightened awareness for the challenges of being a woman in a leadership role. I have had experiences where I do feel as though I have had to work harder to be “taken seriously” by the media, by people in other leadership roles in the community, by people I work with, than if I were a male in the same role. If I compare myself to some of my male peers, I definitely have had to work harder than other males have in the same role to achieve the same results in some areas. Not entirely by virtue of my being a woman, but I think there is an element of ladies having to do twice the tricks to garner the same reaction or respect, and not just from men. It’s complex because I f…