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Heartbreak in Tokyo

It's been another roller coaster of a rugby weekend, with a hopeful performance in Hong Kong by our 7s Team last week, followed by a gut wrenching loss against Japan just now in Tokyo. Japan! Of all teams... Worst of all, Japan deserved the win! 💔

I sometimes compare being a supporter of our 7s team to being in a highly volatile & addictive bad relationship. They've done wrong by you time after time, yet you just can't quite cut your losses and walk away. So you stay, and both the bliss and the pain of it are epic.
The rough times make you want to cut a bitch, and by bitch, I mean them. And when it's good, it's so good it's like Ryan Gosling telling you how beautiful you are while he feeds you cake that makes you skinny. Your head tells you they're gonna do the dirty on you again, and then they'll keep you hanging with that performance that somewhat resembles that one glory day you had way back when, only to get cut again so deep when they inevitably…