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Maternity leave revelations

So, I'm sorry for all the gory, mommy posts. A guy friend of mine messaged me and told me he knew way too much about my boobs. Sorrraaaayyy for the overshare, who knew people actually read this thing. Anyways, it's taken me this long to string together a coherent thought that doesn't involve cracked nipples and milk stains (lol sorry couldn't resist).

I list these thought below for your reading displeasure:

1. Weddings. What is it about weddings that bring out the worst in people? At least in my family. The planning of my wedding (3 years ago) was stressful balancing my budget with my bridezilla mother's tastes. My sister is planning her wedding for August this year and let me tell you, between the two of them (bridezilla squared) I am praying we all make it out of this alive. My primary focus of course is to ensure that I am NOT the fat bitch in the line (Note to self: Google starvation diets).

2. Work. One thing taking 6 weeks off has afforded me (other than losi…

Mom of 2.

It's been 3 weeks and I'm still getting used to saying the word "kids" or "girls" in plural form. Having a second baby has been fun, challenging, exciting, and really tiring.  And I am lucky enough to have lots of help! I have absolutely no idea how people with more kids do it. Seriously, motherhood is a no joke, full time no breaks, hardest work you've ever done type of gig and society gives way too little credit to moms (okay and dad's too) for their role in, you know, raising little human beings.

Below I dispense some mom-of-2 observations that I've had so far on my first 3 weeks on the job.

1. This time around for me, the post partum recovery was so much worse than the labour itself. I don't know why but I didn't remember having to deal with this much lochia, constipation, stiches soreness, boob engorgement, nipple abuse, and overall post partum misery with my first baby. I don't know if I blocked it out, or - yea I probably did,…