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50 shades of - sorry not in this country.

So they won't be screening 50 Shades of Grey in the movie theater here in American Samoa, not that that's entirely surprising - I suppose whoever censored it is afraid some village fuam may fancy himself a Kulisi Efufu and suggestively hang naked from his neighbors wife's pa auke or something. Is that not how the scenes in the book play out?

I never read it. I never quite caught on to the hype, my sister left her copy at my house yonks ago and it's gathered dust in my bedroom untouched except for my husband having the occasional peak (skip to the naughty bits, damn perv.) Yes I hear you giggling like a damn school girl, bro.

Now I'm neither here nor there about it. People love it, good for them. I don't, it's whatever. That's what fiction & stories are for - entertainment & escape. I can dig that.

Last night (or in the wee hours of this morning) as I was mindlessly blog surfing after putting down the baby, I stumbled across a blog post by my you…

My gory birth story

Disclaimer - I know I said it in the post title, but really, this is gory. Read at your own risk.


So on Thursday the week before last, I woke up with what I felt were mild contractions. It felt like an intense kegel, or something like it.

I started my day as I did every day for the last few weeks, reading birth stories on the various pregnancy apps I was registered on. I'd joined a community of pregnant women all over the world, all of us due in February, and we had had shared the journey of being pregnant over the last 9 months together. Over the last few weeks, one by one, someone gave birth and posted their gory birth details. I've cried lots of tears of joy for these women I didn't know.

That day, I read all 57 new birth stories and went about my day. I decided to cook some curry. I'd had cravings that had me googling "Fijian beef curry recipe" and spice shopping for the last 3 weeks.

I felt the "pains" (though they weren't painful yet…

Writing randomness

Well, I'm now overdue, and over it but I will spare you another of my preggo rants (!) other than to say that this baby may be more like me than I think, after all - stubborn and don't give a rats ass about doing something other than when she's well and ready. Touche baby, touche. Can't rush perfection as they say. Ia lelei, kope loa. Some good news on the preggo front, in the last 2 weeks, the company I work for instated Maternity Leave as a policy (Hallelujah) we are far from becoming Denmark (1 year off) but today, will I complain? No, I will gladly take those 4 weeks as a great start.  The real question is, did someone from HR read my blog? Lol.

I've been having a laugh at the posts on FB where people are sharing how they met the love of their life, some are downright comedy, others make me smile, or gag, since when did Samoans in general become so open in sharing our "love stories", other than mouthy bloggers, or talking about each other's love s…