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Speaking of blogging...

So I’m a little upset with myself because I did not fulfill my extremely achievable writing goal of blogging at least once a month when I missed a post last month. Suffice to say, it has been a busy month.
Speaking of busy… I’ve been busy psyching myself into working out, and then not quite finding my way from Pinterest fitsperation to actual fitness perspiration. I am now trying alternative methods. So, I bought a waist trainer. Basically a glorified girdle. Hey, if it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian… So apparently you’re supposed to break the damn things in. The first day I wore it, I had a blinder of a day at work, during which I didn’t eat (I could barely breathe!) followed by work drinks which meant I wore the thing from 8am until midnight! So I lost 2 inches off my waist on the first day, and I have the bruises & headaches to show for it!
Speaking of headaches… My four year old gives me headaches and warm fuzzies at the same time.She makes me laugh, and then she makes me …

Heartbreak in Tokyo

It's been another roller coaster of a rugby weekend, with a hopeful performance in Hong Kong by our 7s Team last week, followed by a gut wrenching loss against Japan just now in Tokyo. Japan! Of all teams... Worst of all, Japan deserved the win! 💔

I sometimes compare being a supporter of our 7s team to being in a highly volatile & addictive bad relationship. They've done wrong by you time after time, yet you just can't quite cut your losses and walk away. So you stay, and both the bliss and the pain of it are epic.
The rough times make you want to cut a bitch, and by bitch, I mean them. And when it's good, it's so good it's like Ryan Gosling telling you how beautiful you are while he feeds you cake that makes you skinny. Your head tells you they're gonna do the dirty on you again, and then they'll keep you hanging with that performance that somewhat resembles that one glory day you had way back when, only to get cut again so deep when they inevitably…

Maternity leave revelations

So, I'm sorry for all the gory, mommy posts. A guy friend of mine messaged me and told me he knew way too much about my boobs. Sorrraaaayyy for the overshare, who knew people actually read this thing. Anyways, it's taken me this long to string together a coherent thought that doesn't involve cracked nipples and milk stains (lol sorry couldn't resist).

I list these thought below for your reading displeasure:

1. Weddings. What is it about weddings that bring out the worst in people? At least in my family. The planning of my wedding (3 years ago) was stressful balancing my budget with my bridezilla mother's tastes. My sister is planning her wedding for August this year and let me tell you, between the two of them (bridezilla squared) I am praying we all make it out of this alive. My primary focus of course is to ensure that I am NOT the fat bitch in the line (Note to self: Google starvation diets).

2. Work. One thing taking 6 weeks off has afforded me (other than losi…

Mom of 2.

It's been 3 weeks and I'm still getting used to saying the word "kids" or "girls" in plural form. Having a second baby has been fun, challenging, exciting, and really tiring.  And I am lucky enough to have lots of help! I have absolutely no idea how people with more kids do it. Seriously, motherhood is a no joke, full time no breaks, hardest work you've ever done type of gig and society gives way too little credit to moms (okay and dad's too) for their role in, you know, raising little human beings.

Below I dispense some mom-of-2 observations that I've had so far on my first 3 weeks on the job.

1. This time around for me, the post partum recovery was so much worse than the labour itself. I don't know why but I didn't remember having to deal with this much lochia, constipation, stiches soreness, boob engorgement, nipple abuse, and overall post partum misery with my first baby. I don't know if I blocked it out, or - yea I probably did,…

50 shades of - sorry not in this country.

So they won't be screening 50 Shades of Grey in the movie theater here in American Samoa, not that that's entirely surprising - I suppose whoever censored it is afraid some village fuam may fancy himself a Kulisi Efufu and suggestively hang naked from his neighbors wife's pa auke or something. Is that not how the scenes in the book play out?

I never read it. I never quite caught on to the hype, my sister left her copy at my house yonks ago and it's gathered dust in my bedroom untouched except for my husband having the occasional peak (skip to the naughty bits, damn perv.) Yes I hear you giggling like a damn school girl, bro.

Now I'm neither here nor there about it. People love it, good for them. I don't, it's whatever. That's what fiction & stories are for - entertainment & escape. I can dig that.

Last night (or in the wee hours of this morning) as I was mindlessly blog surfing after putting down the baby, I stumbled across a blog post by my you…

My gory birth story

Disclaimer - I know I said it in the post title, but really, this is gory. Read at your own risk.


So on Thursday the week before last, I woke up with what I felt were mild contractions. It felt like an intense kegel, or something like it.

I started my day as I did every day for the last few weeks, reading birth stories on the various pregnancy apps I was registered on. I'd joined a community of pregnant women all over the world, all of us due in February, and we had had shared the journey of being pregnant over the last 9 months together. Over the last few weeks, one by one, someone gave birth and posted their gory birth details. I've cried lots of tears of joy for these women I didn't know.

That day, I read all 57 new birth stories and went about my day. I decided to cook some curry. I'd had cravings that had me googling "Fijian beef curry recipe" and spice shopping for the last 3 weeks.

I felt the "pains" (though they weren't painful yet…

Writing randomness

Well, I'm now overdue, and over it but I will spare you another of my preggo rants (!) other than to say that this baby may be more like me than I think, after all - stubborn and don't give a rats ass about doing something other than when she's well and ready. Touche baby, touche. Can't rush perfection as they say. Ia lelei, kope loa. Some good news on the preggo front, in the last 2 weeks, the company I work for instated Maternity Leave as a policy (Hallelujah) we are far from becoming Denmark (1 year off) but today, will I complain? No, I will gladly take those 4 weeks as a great start.  The real question is, did someone from HR read my blog? Lol.

I've been having a laugh at the posts on FB where people are sharing how they met the love of their life, some are downright comedy, others make me smile, or gag, since when did Samoans in general become so open in sharing our "love stories", other than mouthy bloggers, or talking about each other's love s…

Star Sign Speculations

So I have a confession to make, I'm a little upset because it's past January 25th and I have not given birth yet. Although I'm not due for another week or so, I was secretly hoping I might because then the baby and I would share our star signs and she would officially be a Capricorn, like me. Being that we have now crossed over into the next Sun sign, my daughter will (most likely) be an Aquarius, a sign I have far less in common with.

I know, it sounds terrible doesn't it? Me being upset because we won't share our star sign. Bad mother award before the baby is even born. Hahaha. Eh, I'm joking. Well, sort of.

Now, I've never really considered myself, particularly "spiritual" or "deep" (that's my husband, damn tree hugger) in fact, I'm fairly type A, practical, facts & face value kind of gal.  BUT, I have a guilty pleasure of judging people solely on their star sign (or at least my interpretation of your star sign). I probabl…

Things my husband says

After ordering $17 worth of parts online, and spending hours tinkering and cussing while trying to fix a spare phone and then not getting it to work, he finally gets up and says:

"I'm such a failure, I'm going to go and eat now and stuff my face like an emotional female."

Geez, let it go, Elsa.

Working mommy musings & the Countdown to D day

My daughter is sick with a cough, and she is finally sleeping after a day full of her coughing, and me googling children's cough remedies. I'm flanked by about ten pillows as I write this. Comfort escapes me, I can't sit, I can't lie down, I can't wait to feel normal again. I am trying my darndest to be patient, but being that I suffered a major deficiency of patience even before pregnancy, that plan is doomed.

So we are T minus 3 weeks from being due for this baby. I'm over being pregnant and trying not to freak out over my upcoming labour after the horrific experience I had with my first. I am trying to be "zen" about it, trust my body and go in with a fresh perspective, but we shall see how my resolve holds up. Last time I endured a 27 hour labor, being told to get off the delivery table to go walk a few more rounds, come back push again (which I did without complaint), and then eventually, got wheeled in for a C-section (they found the baby's …

Not so festive season.

It's 2015, already? Boy, does time fly. Except of course when you are 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant, than of course the sands are moving grain by grain painfully slowly through the hour glass of time.

This Christmas season has been rather different than prior ones for me. Other than the obvious fact that it was a sober one for me (#pityparty). Because I felt too heavy to travel, we agreed we would spend it in American Samoa with my husbands family.  I thought, "it'll be nice, spend time with the in laws, save money by not travelling, and have a quiet one and get lots of rest." I however, found myself to be quite restless, despite being home for almost 2 weeks now. I gave my babysitter some hard earned, well deserved time off for the season, and stayed home with my handful of hyper daughter. After 1 day on our own, we checked into a hotel, so she could have something to do all day to tire her out (swim) and I wouldn't have to cook or clean. It was also husband and …