Car ride convos

F: I saw you talking to S
A: Oh yea, he said he got married last month.
F: Nice. Big wedding?
A: No, he said it was a court wedding.
F: Oh. How come?
A: I dunno, he said no kids & she's not pregnant.
F: So why'd they get married?
A: I don't know, love?

Pause.  Followed by simultaneous laughter.

Imagine that, being so in love that you rush a court wedding, just because.  Awww.

Whatever, I bet she's preggers.


Bina said…
LOL!!! You never know! Love makes you do strange things. Like get pregs ... hahaha
Fotu said…
Lol, Bina, right!

I thought it was absurd that this how I think now. Absurdly funny that is!

I guess we'll see in 9 months. Haha
Anonymous said…
Hello to all my samoan peoples. I grew up in California and i haven't been around any samoan or even seen any in my town so Luv all my peoples. Peace and God bless