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Timata le Gagana

I'm currently reading Timata le Gagana, a book by Fofo Iiga I. F. Sunia on the correct use and application of the Samoan language.

It's useful for people like me, who in pursuit of mastering the English language, have found my wielding of my Samoan tongue shamefully below par.  It's the biggest irony of my "higher education", that I didn't learn, or care to learn the proper command and use of my Gagana Samoa, that is now more precious to me than any degree. Guess the joke is on me, eh!

So, it's in accessible enough language that I'm finding it an informative and entertaining read.  The author's voice is both serious and funny, it feels like he is sharing a fagogo with me as I read through his passages explaining away common mistakes in spoken Samoan language.

A few funny excerpts. I've been guilty of both!:

Failautusi: O la e i luga o le isi laina. Se'i alu ese ona ta'u ai lea i ai na e valaau mai.

O le sasi lenei e malosi ai failautus…

I’m melting.

Shit. I’m tired, and I’m bloody tired of being tired.
I’m at another one of my famous breaking points where I don’t know if I need to fire people, or just quit.For a long minute now, I’ve been trying to stay positive and approach things as a challenge, and today, I’m just, done. Over. It.