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Mournful nights

The rain has poured down every night since we laid you to final rest.
As though the earth too, could no longer hold in its sorrow for your departure.

Only now that the dust is settling after your swansong, that the finality of your death is dawning on me, on us all. I know each of us is silently facing the emptiness that is your glaring absence in our lives now, and in our futures.

I hope you'll forgive us all for the glumness. I know you'd hate it.
You were the antithesis of glum.
You were laughter, light and life.
You were wisdom and love and family.
You were wit, wordsmith, and charmer.
You were father, husband, brother, uncle, patriarch.
You were so much to so many.
So much so, that your loss leaves but a bottomless pit of grief
And an irreplaceable gap in our hearts.

I cling to the fondness of our memories.
I retell the punch line of your jokes.
I remind myself of the soundness and sincerity of your advice.
I remember your pride, sense of self and your humility.
I recall…