Nothing to say

I hate when you say, "I have nothing to say."

When you say, "I have nothing to say," it actually says a lot.

It's you not wanting to share with me.
It's you not wanting to work on this with me.
It's some passive aggressive bullshit rather than just having a conversation to sort it the fuck out.
(Ain't nobody got time for dat!)
It's you trying to just accept things for what they are, rather than improve them.
It's some kind if admission that it's too hard for you.
Or I'm not worth it for you.
It's you giving up.

Fight back.
It gives me hope that even though you disagree with me and you hate me right now, you aren't afraid of this challenge and you haven't given up on us.

The day I have nothing to say, is the day I'm done.

They're just words, but I hate it when you say, you've got nothing to say.


Malelega said…
Love this but, caution: this is Your interpretation of that line but what if it doesn't mean the same to the other party? Don't throw all away because you think that's what they meant? Also they may not have the fighting spirit that you have, and frankly my dear if I were at the receiving end of one of your rants I'd say the same?!:p choo hooo alala mai i lalo le au maimoa love the new look.
Fotu said…
Lol! Agree with you Malelega! Just needed a place to purge my thoughts instead of hurling a chair across the room. Hehehehe. Thanks for stopping by & hope all is well across the oceans :-)
kuaback said…
OKA! Breathe in Breathe out..hehehehe

Maybe they really don't have anything to say?

have a better week dahling :)
Bina said…
If it's the opposite sex, chances are high that they actually have nothing to say. Lol.

Today is a new day, koe fight akili :)
Fotu said…
I think we all agree that men are just the less vocal sex.

Can a girl rant on her blog? Lol

Rant over!