My mom the MBA student

So my mother has been admitted to the MBA program at Massey University and is starting her first paper this semester. I am so proud of her.  Clearly I’m biased but my mother is just one of those women who are endlessly amazing. Every good quality people think I possess, my mother possesses ten fold. (Same might be said for the nasty qualities. LOL! Ok, just kidding J)

At the tender age of twenty, following the sudden death of her mother, she left a college scholarship to pursue her fleeting schoolgirl passions with the Prime Minister’s (at the time) youngest son (she’d hate me for saying that but it’s my blog, sorry mom!). She was married at 21 and raised a bunch of bratty kids and she gave us the best of everything. We are all grown, educated and off in the world sending money back to her. She has checked that box and she rejoined the workforce about 7 years ago (after raising kids and running family businesses for 20 years) and she is currently a Manager in a NZ Government Ministry. She has taken to Public service/ Corporate life like a house on fire and she is now going back to finish what she started to get her piece of paper.  And it is so my mother to consider herself ready for the MBA program without anything but experience, who needs a measly Bachelor’s degree anyway?

I laugh when I think about her in an MBA classroom because I can see her debating with CEOs and lecturers like she was born to do it, because, that’s just how she rolls. She will command the room each time, and she will be critical, firm and eloquent in her contributions and fiery should some poor sod ask to be put in their place. Oh, to be a fly on that wall. I would watch it for sport I tell you.

I offered her some study tips, for which she politely thanked me (thanks little girl). But something tells me, she’s got this. 


kuaback said…
Hahahaha love that woman. And she got this MBA thing down. I wanna be present during these fiery debates...hehehe. Alofa atu I le fashionista x
Malelega said…
That is awesome. Kudos to your momma and yep 'she's got this'
Nydia Aloaina said…
A woman after my own heart!