5am randomness

It's 5am. I've eaten my way through Lili's cookie stash, browsed blogs and news sites (I use the word "news" loosely) all night and here I am stupidly losing precious minutes of stress averting sleep. I do feel sorry for my staff tomorrow.

I recently had a negative pregnancy test. I was instantly relieved and than deeply disappointed immediately after. Maybe this year is the year? Maybe not. Maybe. Time will tell.

Work continues to be the escalating evolving challenge that it's always been. I feel 2014 is going to be a good year after the various breakdowns and epic learning curve last year proved to be.  Mostly, I just feel more like myself than I have in a long while.

Looking forward to a week in Fiji next week with my crazy friends. Girls trip for BFF bride to be Tia before her big day in April. 13 of us going, girls, queens and sex changes!  If you know us, you'll know it is sure to be crazy!  Let's hope there's a stripper pole in Nadi sturdy enough for at least one of these 6ft drag queens to perform!  I'm resting my liver for it, it's only the responsible thing to do, you know?

Hotly debated item right now at my house is where daughter will go to school. The answer is not simple though I will most likely get my way. Because I'm right, I mean, because it's what's best for our daughter (and I'm right).

Trying to get off the cookie crumb trail and back on the healthy living bandwagon. I'm currently researching (procrastinating) my novel new way to tackle this problem (ie making excuses). I feel it coming to me soon (as I enjoy this double chocolate cookie). Yes, it's coming to me (and a glass of milk). As you can see, the struggle is real.

Enjoy your week :)

Ps - Call out a search party if you don't hear from me after next week! Lol


Goddess said…
awwww.keo, this is your year! and yes - I pray for the sake of the pole., not for the tree swinging divas that will snap it like a twig! hope you have prenty coffee today (:
Fotu said…
Lol Goddess. Yes, the poor pole has to deal with a drag queen in a cyclone now. haha.

TGIF! Hope alls well in Orcland :)
brighousel said…
Lol. I can't wait! You guys going over tonight, lucky bums. I will have to wait two more sleeps...TWO MORE SLEEPS!!! Hurry up! Wake up Elsa! It's Friday! ;) Lol. Lord help the hurricane that comes between a mala and that stripper pole.

Lol@coz I'm always right. You'd think he would know that by now...haha.

See you soon. Safe travels! xx