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My mom the MBA student

So my mother has been admitted to the MBA program at Massey University and is starting her first paper this semester. I am so proud of her.Clearly I’m biased but my mother is just one of those women who are endlessly amazing. Every good quality people think I possess, my mother possesses ten fold. (Same might be said for the nasty qualities. LOL! Ok, just kidding J)
At the tender age of twenty, following the sudden death of her mother, she left a college scholarship to pursue her fleeting schoolgirl passions with the Prime Minister’s (at the time) youngest son (she’d hate me for saying that but it’s my blog, sorry mom!). She was married at 21 and raised a bunch of bratty kids and she gave us the best of everything. We are all grown, educated and off in the world sending money back to her. She has checked that box and she rejoined the workforce about 7 years ago (after raising kids and running family businesses for 20 years) and she is currently a Manager in a NZ Government Ministry.…

5am randomness

It's 5am. I've eaten my way through Lili's cookie stash, browsed blogs and news sites (I use the word "news" loosely) all night and here I am stupidly losing precious minutes of stress averting sleep. I do feel sorry for my staff tomorrow.

I recently had a negative pregnancy test. I was instantly relieved and than deeply disappointed immediately after. Maybe this year is the year? Maybe not. Maybe. Time will tell.

Work continues to be the escalating evolving challenge that it's always been. I feel 2014 is going to be a good year after the various breakdowns and epic learning curve last year proved to be.  Mostly, I just feel more like myself than I have in a long while.

Looking forward to a week in Fiji next week with my crazy friends. Girls trip for BFF bride to be Tia before her big day in April. 13 of us going, girls, queens and sex changes!  If you know us, you'll know it is sure to be crazy!  Let's hope there's a stripper pole in Nadi sturdy …

Nothing to say

I hate when you say, "I have nothing to say."

When you say, "I have nothing to say," it actually says a lot.

It's you not wanting to share with me.
It's you not wanting to work on this with me.
It's some passive aggressive bullshit rather than just having a conversation to sort it the fuck out.
(Ain't nobody got time for dat!)
It's you trying to just accept things for what they are, rather than improve them.
It's some kind if admission that it's too hard for you.
Or I'm not worth it for you.
It's you giving up.

Fight back.
It gives me hope that even though you disagree with me and you hate me right now, you aren't afraid of this challenge and you haven't given up on us.

The day I have nothing to say, is the day I'm done.

They're just words, but I hate it when you say, you've got nothing to say.