Randomness from a drunken 30 year old

I’m in Hawaii at the moment, it’s for work, but it’s still Hawaii. Sigh. I love this place. Unbeatable weather, great food (awesome service!) and shopping! Did I mention, I’m here for work? Ahem.

After my extreme disappointment last night at not being able to order room service after 10pm (seriously? this is the Hilton for chrissakes, can a bitch get some bread? Don’t make me tweet Paris about this!), I found myself at an all you can eat breakfast buffet at 5.30am this morning. Haha. As you do, right? No?

My table was by a man-made pond, which had a few ducks swimming around in it and quacking.  I had a mommy moment - I almost burst into tears, as I pictured the excitement in my daughter's face if she were with me at that moment.  Such simple things can give so much joy to kids. She would have loved it and then she would have wanted to jump in the pond to swim and quack with the ducks. My near tears episode quickly turned into relief as I imagined myself, hungover at 5.30 in the morning, wresting with a screaming toddler in a man-made pond with those damn ducks. Ah yes, that’s right, that’s why I didn’t bring her this time.  Phew! Mommy moment over.

Yesterday was first day of meetings and I won an iPad Air in a business card draw! What luck! I immediately thought of how great it will be to not have to fight over my iPhone with my almost 3 year old (she wins every time) now that she will have something else to distract her. Better buy one of those baby proof cases. Just last week she threw her Dad’s laptop across the room while she was playing “Godzilla” (Rawwwrrr raawwwrrr *Crash followed by her evil laugh Muahahaha!).  A day later she smashed her babysitters smartphone screen also.  Sigh. It doesn’t take much pretending for her to be a terrorizing monster, and I find it odd and funny that people too often say she gets this from me.  (Yes, that’s like so odd. Shut up.)

Won the iPad yesterday, the day after my birthday. A birthday stroke of luck, I’ll take it! I was going to say I never win these things but in thinking back, I won a phone in Sydney in a business card draw and I won a portable DVD player on one of my previous Hawaii business trips so maybe I am lucky! Haha.

Life at 30 smells suspiciously like life at 29.  My liver still needs a cleansing. Especially given the number of "functions" we will be attending this week. I don’t believe in psychics but I see a lot of free wine in my not so distant future.  I guess I'd better stock up on hangover food.

Happy week, one and all! 


QueenB said…
Happy 30th Fotu, I hope I'm as humourous and errr sober when I'm 30 lol
Fotu said…
Thank you QueenB! Humor is a great way to deal with aging! So is wine! Lol