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Back to the grind.

So I’m back from Hawaii and straight into the office on a Saturday, not only to tackle the workload but to also to help abate my anxieties about the atrocious amounts of money I spent shopping in Honolulu. I’m experiencing a rush just thinking about it. And now the only rush I will experience will be to the loo because all we’ll be eating for the next couple of weeks will be expired noodles. But who cares, it was all worth it and I could do with losing a few pounds anyway.
My strict diet and good intentions all went to hell when I came face to face with all the culinary delights Hawaii had to offer. Whatever discipline I had built up over the last 3 months of the year eating relatively clean, dissipated completely in the 7 days I was there. Aside from the free wine, I hit up all my favorites: Korean BBQ, Japanese bentos, Musubis, mac salad, mochi, Chilis!, and then of course, the vast selection of colorful cocktails available just about everywhere. Let’s just say it was a blowout. A…

Randomness from a drunken 30 year old

I’m in Hawaii at the moment, it’s for work, but it’s still Hawaii. Sigh. I love this place. Unbeatable weather, great food (awesome service!) and shopping! Did I mention, I’m here for work? Ahem.
After my extreme disappointment last night at not being able to order room service after 10pm (seriously? this is the Hilton for chrissakes, can a bitch get some bread? Don’t make me tweet Paris about this!), I found myself at an all you can eat breakfast buffet at 5.30am this morning. Haha. As you do, right? No?
My table was by a man-made pond, which had a few ducks swimming around in it and quacking.  I had a mommy moment - I almost burst into tears, as I pictured the excitement in my daughter's face if she were with me at that moment.  Such simple things can give so much joy to kids. She would have loved it and then she would have wanted to jump in the pond to swim and quack with the ducks. My near tears episode quickly turned into relief as I imagined myself, hungover at 5.30 in the mo…

Life advice from a drunken 29 year old

I've had a splitting headache since about 2pm today. I can feel the familiar knotting pains of stress knots in my neck & shoulders already creeping in. 6 months of exercise & peace searching undone in just the first week of the year. Ha! I've a sneaking suspicion that it's a sign of what 2014 has in store for me. Work & stress knots. And crazily, I'm ready for it. I'm sure my chiropractor misses me anyway.

I turn 30 in a few weeks. I've looked forward to turning 30 since 25 lol. I've always considered it a point in life where one comes into ones own. You've lived through the frightening inexperience & naïveté of your teens, having lived through your fair share of mistakes and mishaps in your twenties, and you come out the other end having shed unnecessary insecurities leaving a more refined sense of self and being more comfortable in your own skin. That's at least as I envisioned it. On the eve of my 30th, well,  I don't feel all…