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Car ride convos

F: I saw you talking to S
A: Oh yea, he said he got married last month.
F: Nice. Big wedding?
A: No, he said it was a court wedding.
F: Oh. How come?
A: I dunno, he said no kids & she's not pregnant.
F: So why'd they get married?
A: I don't know, love?

Pause.  Followed by simultaneous laughter.

Imagine that, being so in love that you rush a court wedding, just because.  Awww.

Whatever, I bet she's preggers.

Fai mai ai Forbes

Abilities wither under fault finding, blossom under encouragement.

Pass the chocolate.

So, I am flying to NZ in a few days. Big little brother is getting married next week. It means I will miss my office Xmas parties, thank god for that. I can't be arsed trying to find a dress, spend money on hair and make up and then sit around and not get drunk. Yea, no thanks. Although, brother's wedding will be something like that, at least I will be able to stop at KFC on the way home after the party.  I'm excited for him & his fiance to be getting married, it's such a fun journey isn't it? right? no? Ok, let's let the kids have a great party and wish them luck. It's all we can do.

I'm trying to find a slimming outfit for when I get on the plane and tell them I'm 6 months. I will throw a major "I'm so offended" tantrum if they suggest I'm further along and don't let me board. "Listen lady, I really need this trip, you have no idea."

I'm knocking on 30 weeks along. That's like single digit weeks counting…

You are worthy. Another self help spiel.

So before I watched Manu Samoa get stomped by the Poms yesterday, I saw a documentary on about parenting, and how different parents push their kids to success.

There was an Indian lady and her daughter that were exactly like my mother and I growing up. She along with the Chinese mom & her son were the from the far-right camp of parenting. Kids need authority and control, they need pushing and direction in order to succeed. They have no idea what they want, they're just kids, that's my job as a parent.

On the other end were other parents (most of whom were of the blonde blue eyed variety) who had a more holistic, laissez faire approach to parenting where kids had choices, freedom to become who they are meant to become, etc.

My approach is honestly more like my fellow people of color in the sense that I think kids need guidance and help to find their way. Though, being a product of this, I can also honestly say that at times, it leaves you feeling worthless, because you got …

Sunday ramblings of a pregnant Samoan rugby fan

So after an over indulgent to'ona'i (is there any other kind?) I am finding it impossible to nap in this thick, punishing heat. It must be how Manu Samoa felt today getting beat by England. Frustrated, uncomfortable and kind of like I wanted to throw up. Heck, I about went into labour watching the game this morning, although, lets be honest, I do get that way during most Manu Samoa games.  The Pom officiating and commentating was just atrocious. There is a special place in Hell for Nigel Owens, this I sincerely hope! #deepbreaths

With all the drama this past week around the team's threatened boycott, the tongue lashing from the PM & the SRU's (lack of a) response, I hate to say I called it, but I had a feeling it was going to end this way. Nothing good was going to come of it (other than some pretty awesome #SamoaUnited tweets from other teams/ players around the world).

I felt this was going to end badly, not because I don't empathize or agree with the players…

Eggplants, maternity leave & feminism.

So according to my various apps, at 26 weeks and 6 days, my baby is the size of an Eggplant. It really feels more like a bunch of bananas or a jackfruit. She feels biiig. We are having a GIRL! I'm pretty excited to be adding to my sisterhood of the travelling pants club, and my husband is taking deep breaths pretty nervous about another dose of estrogen in our house. We all know my house reaks of it.

Baby 2 is super active and kicks like Beckham which is always fun, especially when I suddenly feel like I'm about to pee in the middle of the night, or in the middle of a management meeting.  Christmas is looking busy with my brother getting married, and work being on another level of insane, all while of course abstaining from alcohol #struggleisreal, let me tell you.

I'm trying to sort out my maternity leave for next year which is a tad challenging seeing as there is no maternity leave at my work (because I'm based in American Samoa and it is not mandated by US law). I s…

20 weeks.

I'm 20 weeks, bitches.Half way point. And I feel, ok. Work schedule is demanding and I’m fighting a flu, but in general, I’m fine. Touch wood.
I had a follow up appointment today and as usual joined the cattle herd of pregnant women in the crowded waiting rooms waiting for our 5 minutes of undignified prenatal “care”. The last time I went for a check up, there was a new doctor standing in for one of the usual, she was an Indian lady. Probably a volunteer of some sort, here to help a third world country, probably fresh out of med school… You could tell she was in way over her head, she seemed panicked and had probably never dealt with 50 pregnant patients before 8am.The doc normally gives me an ie lavalava and asks me to get on the table thingie. She told me to get on, and without warning she pulled my dress up over my stomach, she looked at my legs in shock and said, you have lots of tattoos eh? I just nodded. She then listened across my belly with her stethoscope for all of 3 seco…

Toddler Fun Times and (Shoot me with a) Gun Times

Now that I’m expecting again, I think about how my daughter will react with some sibling company. I often find myself wondering, how well they’ll get along, how often they’ll fight with each other, and whether they’ll conspire together to do things that they’ll know are against my wishes! (Highly likely, I suspect)
It also makes me cherish this time with my “only child” while I have her all to myself, and while she has me all to herself. I guess like most things, there are incredibly challenging moments, and then there are those priceless moments that far outweight any (sleep lost, cash deficit, weight gain, I could go on and on here).
I thought I’d make note of some of the fun times, and the times I wanted to grab a gun and shoot someone.
Fun time – watching Lili’s reaction to animals at the zoo, and vehicle exhibits at MOTAT (Museum of Transport & Technology), her excitement is so visible, you get excited, and then exhausted just watching her.
Gun time – The tantrum she thre…

Vacation update

It's pretty generous of me to call it a vacation, but I guess that's what it is to turn on your vacation automatic responder message and then ignore work for 2 weeks. I gave instructions not to contact me unless they needed a drop of my blood to save a soul. And even then, it better be someone important. I practically threatened the life of a staff member of mine that whatsapp'd me about trivial work fodder on my very first day. I've heard nothing since. I haven't touched my laptop, turned off my email on my phone and decided to do zero work.

So, with no work, the last 2 weeks have been... cold. And I've replaced the stress of work with the stress of dealing with my neurotic, crazy parents. And frankly, some days it's hard to say which is worse. Have spent much of my time child rearing, cleaning and cooking, you know like a good daughter/ wife should? Yea, bloody torture. The thing I have missed most second only to sunshine, is my babysitter.

I've also …

Travel and tummy anxiety

Today, I depart on a long awaited, much need, and extremely overdue vacation. I have to go to the Cook Islands first for work, and I’m so over work that I am not looking forward to it and I’d rather not go. I’m also having major flying anxiety with all the crazy happenings with flights of recent.

Bad wife award

I am (yet again) the recipient for the bad wife (and not in the good way either) award for forgetting my husbands birthday for the 3rd year in a row! There's really no excuse, I never forgot once before we got married.

Lucky for me, he is definitely the more patient and kind of the two of us. I won't get into the mad fuss I made on my birthday. #facepalm

Needless to say, epic, groveling comeback in the works.

Happy belated birthday husband,

I love you, always.

Your (bad) wife.

Timata le Gagana

I'm currently reading Timata le Gagana, a book by Fofo Iiga I. F. Sunia on the correct use and application of the Samoan language.

It's useful for people like me, who in pursuit of mastering the English language, have found my wielding of my Samoan tongue shamefully below par.  It's the biggest irony of my "higher education", that I didn't learn, or care to learn the proper command and use of my Gagana Samoa, that is now more precious to me than any degree. Guess the joke is on me, eh!

So, it's in accessible enough language that I'm finding it an informative and entertaining read.  The author's voice is both serious and funny, it feels like he is sharing a fagogo with me as I read through his passages explaining away common mistakes in spoken Samoan language.

A few funny excerpts. I've been guilty of both!:

Failautusi: O la e i luga o le isi laina. Se'i alu ese ona ta'u ai lea i ai na e valaau mai.

O le sasi lenei e malosi ai failautus…

I’m melting.

Shit. I’m tired, and I’m bloody tired of being tired.
I’m at another one of my famous breaking points where I don’t know if I need to fire people, or just quit.For a long minute now, I’ve been trying to stay positive and approach things as a challenge, and today, I’m just, done. Over. It.

On humanness.