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Holiday season

I’ve just come off the back of a short holiday in Auckland (the most unoriginal & unexotic of destinations) but surprisingly I had a grand old time. Highlights of which include: Eating. And I do mean KFC. I know this makes me such a fob but you go ahead and try those damn Wicked Wings. Both my first and last meal in NZ.Enjoying riotous nights out with Tia, Goddess & the hoochiest of them all, Henry. We were of course, entirely classy the whole time (all I have to say to the bouncers that "asked us to leave" is - CAN I SEE YOUR MANAGER! hahaha Good times!)Spending quality time with my daughter & niece. Which is just further affirmation that a career in childcare is just not for me because after two days, my real job seemed like cake.Hanging out with my dysfunctional family. Nothing makes me crave my boring, regular, stressful existence more than my bi-annual dose of my mother reminding me how much more I have left to achieve in life and my dad reminding me how muc…