Random Annoyances

  1.  I am sore. 3 days worth of Zumba lead by fa’afafines and Amazonian women will do that to you. So, I’ve been on sort of a health kick and while I feel better about NOT being asked whether I am “carrying” lately, I can’t help not being satisfied with the answer to the only burning question that really matters, which is – am I fucking skinny yet? To which the answer is, “keep going, sass!” Impatience is a bitch. 
  2. And so is hunger. I've been on a diet where I've been trying to "eat Paleo". My actual diet has been - limited carbs, no sugar and alcohol only on the weekends. What? I'm on a diet, I'm not crazy! Anyways, it means I'm cranky a lot (ask my husband), except for the weekends, of course.
  3.  It’s Friday today, except in a few hours when I am back in Pago, it will be Thursday. And thanks to daylight savings, I get an extra hour at work today. The general inconvenience of this day (and now time) difference is immeasurably immense to me (and nobody cares).
  4.  Now, I’m generally a reasonable person but dealing with people who don’t do their job, or presume to know mine, just makes me want to physically hurt people. If I could incinerate people with just a thought (Leila Folger, much?) there’d be a lot of ash in my midst. They’re all lucky that all I can do is bitch about them on my blog.
  5. The US Government shut down. Who the F does that? It disappoints me that egos and money can cause the shut down of a government like the US, not to mention the shut down of it’s over reliant affiliated territories that fights it’s wars yet can’t vote in it’s elections. You expect that from under-funded island states like Fiji, and us, not real nations, like the US. What’s next - cannibalism making a come back?
  6.  My daughter talks now. She says things like, “No! Sasa, pepe!” to other kids at the playground and she will run to her Daddy, when mommy says No, to Dora cartoons when she should be sleeping. I love her to pieces, but boy, who knew 2 year olds could be so manipulative, bossy and demanding. Does of my own medicine much? Haha.
  7. Not be self absorbed or anything, but I need clones of myself right now, one to be in each timezone, one to teach my daughter some manners while another goes out for the stiff drink I need.
  8. TGIF…Not!