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Random Annoyances

I am sore. 3 days worth of Zumba lead by fa’afafines and Amazonian women will do that to you. So, I’ve been on sort of a health kick and while I feel better about NOT being asked whether I am “carrying” lately, I can’t help not being satisfied with the answer to the only burning question that really matters, which is – am I fucking skinny yet? To which the answer is, “keep going, sass!” Impatience is a bitch. And so is hunger. I've been on a diet where I've been trying to "eat Paleo". My actual diet has been - limited carbs, no sugar and alcohol only on the weekends. What? I'm on a diet, I'm not crazy! Anyways, it means I'm cranky a lot (ask my husband), except for the weekends, of course.It’s Friday today, except in a few hours when I am back in Pago, it will be Thursday. And thanks to daylight savings, I get an extra hour at work today. The general inconvenience of this day (and now time) difference is immeasurably immense to me (and nobody cares).Now, …