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Selling Samoa

This whole uproar about cultural identity and the cashing in of outside brands on our cultural artifacts just makes me roll my eyes. As both a proud Samoan and a marketing professional, I have to say, this whole notion that palagis are trying to make money off our culture and should be crucified in the press? To me it reeks gently of tall poppy syndrome, which ironically, is about as authentically Samoan as it gets. The economics of the matter don’t come into play unless of course, they are in our favor.
Selling culture, it’s a delicate matter yes, but I don’t believe our patterns and culture are intended to be locked in a box for only Samoans to profit from. And I say profit from because that’s really the only issue here, is that someone other than we are profiting from this. You know it would be ok if those clothes were on Mena or Eveni shelves. Anyways, I digress.

I’m not going to rehash (anymore) the whole Nike kerfuffle, other than to add, they should have spent the money on a …

Sunday Nostalgia.

It's a Sunday morning. The smell of roast pork wanders throughout the house awakening appetites pushed along by the breeze from the ocean down the road billowing gently through the open louvres. I enjoy the light wind on my face as I look out with pity at the trees and rooftops bearing the full brunt of the special kind of heat and humidity that only occurs on a quiet Sunday in Samoa.

The neighborhood is quiet except for the rustling of the leaves of the coconut and breadfruit trees outside, and the sound of my daughter rummaging through the pots and pans while she asks questions to those preparing roast pork for to'anai.

The sounds, scents and the heat take me back to so many other hot Sundays in Vaisala and Fagali'i. When I smelt that smell of burnt lau sului and mamoe kao as we walked back from Sunday school with sweat on our foreheads from walking uphill in our 3 layer Sunday best. When I felt that same breeze on my face when I sat in the back of the pick up riding to …