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Hello (echoes)

Ah, my blog. How are you darling?

I feel as though I'm dusting cobwebs off some long neglected diary as I write this. Which it kind of is, but then again, who do I think I am, Anne Frank? Ha!

Well, what can I say, life has been full. Funny isn't it - when there is so much going on, yet I can't seem to find the words nor the time to express everything.

Speaking of expression, Lately, I've been using annoying phrases like "I know we are just dancing around it" when referring to a thought I can't quite pin down. I think it sounds ridiculous but I've probably said it 5 times in the last week. I feel as though I was some sort of dreary English prude in one of my past lives.

A thought I've been "dancing around" is health. Specifically, my own.

I think the general consensus (of everyone I know) has been that I ought to take better care of myself. The issue has been generally, that anybody that dares point this out to me does so at their own ris…