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At home

I got home late today (again) to find my daughter already asleep. Sad face.

Tomorrow we are due to go to Savai'i. I will be my first trip home in almost two years. Such a far cry from ten years ago when I'd spend every holiday, and many weekends in Savai'i. It will be good to be home. 
I've realized lately, that I have such a warped sense of "home" these days. 
My husband and I maintain a "home" in American Samoa. In it's own synthetic way, it's home. Yet, my job requires that I spend weeks at a time in Samoa, my actual home. I've been here for about 6 weeks, one of my longest trips to my home away from my home away from home. 
Then there is the fact that my parents live in Auckland and because my family are there I certainly feel at home being amongst them at least once a year.

I have to smile at the irony that even though I'm "settled down" I'm still not quite able to just sit still. 
My daughter has travelled with me…