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Ok so here's some updates of the past few months (because you've undoubtedly been waiting with bated breath for them, ahem). I'm presenting this the "efficient" way, via instagram pics. Here they are in no particular order.

Lili moment. One of many

The only grown up meal I've cooked for my family in the last 90 days.

My battery life on most days, and not just on my phone.

Sunrise on the morning of Samoa's 50th Independence. 'Twas a hot hot day.

I joined a weight loss challenge. The battle of the bulge continues.

This wasn't my coffee but only because mine are usually to-go.

UB40 Concert was, in a word - Epic. In three words - shitloads of work.

Went to the store to buy bread and came home with these instead. :-/

You know you need a break when you find solace in words of wisdom from the all knowing Kim Kardashian.

Driving Miss Crazy

So I'm driving home this morning and I find myself in a traffic jam (a rare occurrence on my side of town particularly on a Sunday). Several cars ahead of me there is a heated exchange between what appears to be a mother and her teenage daughter. All drivers in the cars in front of me are craning their necks out and squinting their eyes to get a piece of the action. I of course, join them.

The mother is in her car screaming at the daughter that is standing outside the open passenger door. After several minutes of a heated exchange Daughter slams the door shut and storms off and jumps in the car in front of the mothers with a guy in the drivers seat. The Daughter and the guy drive off with the mother racing after them in her car, bloody murder in her eyes.

For the rest of the drive home I start over analyzing the whole event. That guy was probably the daughters drug dealing boyfriend. Oh that poor poor mother. I start irrationally worrying about what my relationship with my kid …


Consistent with my (not so) recent blogs my life is still a hundred miles an hour with not enough hours in my day & plenty of unchecked items in my overflowing To-Do List. That's what my life feels like at the moment, just one ever growing & incomplete To-Do List.

I'd list my problems but I'm really more a silver lining/ bright side/ focus on solutions kind of gal. Truth be told, I'm just spent. Too spent to even vent.

Lots has happened. Lili turned one, has a bunch of teeth and runs around now, so all shelves from the waist down are empty at my house. My cracked laptop screen is her latest victim. The biggest current challenge is trying to keep her little fingers out of grubby corners & out of the toilet bowl. Other than that and our constant search for babysitters (we are on number 4) she is healthy and well and has a penchant for getting what she wants particularly when her father is involved.

There's been more travelling, more work and, did I say …