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Conclusions from today:

1. I am utterly and despairingly in need of a vacation. A long drawn out, fully paid, far away from everything Vay. Cay. Tion.  On day 1 I will get rip roaring drunk. And then on days 2 - 30, I will sleep continuously. 
2. It's amazing what a lack of communication and assumptions can do to incite damage on a perfectly fine and functioning relationship. Amazing. 
3. There is a time to say, "Yes, I can." And a time to say "Fuck it, pass the vodka."
4. Sometimes the best action is to not be a part of the action. 
5. I need to watch more TV and to exercise more. 
6. Island hopping isn't all it's cracked up to be. 
7. When you stop making sense, leave the room.

What love isn't.

Love isn't about giving up what you want "for your relationship". Your love isn't measured by what you sacrifice to make someone else happy. It's about compromise, yes. But that makes it a two way street. You have to be open to letting go of some of your things you want, but you also have the responsibility to yourself to ask - what the f*ck are you doing for me?! It's about giving up some of your wants, not compromising your convictions. Give a little. Get a little. Win some. Lose some. Not give up and lose yourself. Never lose yourself in love. Because, love isn't about giving up what you want "for your relationship".