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Lili bites

She has 9 teeth now, and bites like a piranha. She's the center of attention everywhere we go, and rightly so. She's up at 5am, like clockwork and likes to wake me up by clawing my eyes out. "She's so cheeky," is what people most commonly say about her when they first meet her, and she is.Her favorite toys are my handbag, my phone and my Macbook Air. No interest whatsoever in Hello Kitty and Barbie. One of her favorite things to do is slam the laptop shut in the middle of a Skype session with my parents. She is not a fussy eater in that she will eat pretty much anything if you are not watching her like a hawk. Including millipedes and receipts from McDonald's.She can't walk and talk yet but I can already tell that she'll do plenty of both. Including walking all over her Daddy when she wants stuff. The way she manipulates him already to put her down, pick her up, put her down, pick her up - He doesn't stand a chance. Poops and belches with the best…

Good stuff.

In the chaotic blur of my life, in between the baby and the work and the husband and the dishes, moments of serenity and relaxation exist only in my dreams, if I ever slept long enough to have any. So I’ve really come to appreciate the little things, which give me even for a fleeting moment a sense of (relative) sanity. Here’s a few of those “little things”.
1. Instagram. I’m addicted to this iPhone app which (if you live under a rock and) don’t know what it is, it’s a photography app that lets you apply cool filters to your pics and share them. What this really does is momentarily make you believe that you’re an amazing photographer and you believe for a moment that - like, maybe you really could take up a career in it. All without actually spending a dime on expensive photography equipment or anytime in a photo studio or even having a creative bone in your body. Its like creative crack. For lazy poor, not so creative people. 
Here's a shot of Pago Harbor from today's flight…