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I'm alive!

Everyone but me at my house has gone to sleep, and it's only 8.45pm. Is this what married, mommy-hood is going to be like? I am both insanely bored and secretly thrilled at the outlook. Bored because, 8.45pm isn't that still prime time? And secretly thrilled because I'm now thinking of late night spa sessions, online shopping... and all the "me-time" prospects that now avail themselves to me.

So in spite of my absence (My sincerest apologies I know you all missed me dreadfully) I did manage to make it through the last two completely insane months of work my life and managed to make it to my wedding with just enough energy to utter "I do".

I've little to say about work other than I'm still recovering and this year's workload will more than likely be busier, so bring on the vodka challenges. In my job I'm in a constant state of having a split second to celebrate a milestone/ achievement only for it to be completely eclipsed by the amount o…