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I should read more.

The extent of my leisurely reading lately has been limited, to say the least, and poor to say the truth. I read emails, project plans, and the occasional blog as I usually find myself watching reality TV to numb my brain when I'm not working or breastfeeding.

I'm having an inward pity party as I write this because I was one of this kids that skipped class and hid in the library, that read everything I could get my hands on including novels, short stories and old editions of Reader's Digest & National Geographic.

I'm not sure when it all went awry, though I suspect I might have become pre-occupied with alcohol and dancing with skinny heels on tabletops.

I recently finished reading Telesa, The Covenant Keeper by Lani Wendt Young. And it took me back to those stolen hours in the library as a kid reading Enid Blyton books. It was a reminder to me, in this age of the Internet, of Hulu & of 3D movies and series galore, of just what a great escape a good book can be.