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moments & meltdowns

I. am. exhausted.


My baby darling is growing exponentially (and going through clothes and formula like a buffalo on steroids - and looking more beautiful each day I might add), my job (that has had me travelling every week since baby was 4 weeks) is sucking every remaining ounce of energy out of me, oh, and I'm supposedly planning a wedding. Which reminds me (I forget these things) I need to lose weight before then, or else there will be no wedding. Or at least there will be no bride.

Things that have been left by the wayside as a result of my foolish control freak tendency to take everything on myself include - my social life (no alcohol, no dinners/ lunches with friends, no movies!) cleaning, exercise routine, cooking, sleeping in or sleep at all, and among many other things sex. Which is ironic because, all or any of these things, if I could just find the time and energy to do them, would make for some awesome stress relief. Did I mention no alcohol?

Life has been a juggl…