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Taking turns

I change my mind like I change shoes.

So I'm having an unwise moment being wide awake at 3am foolishly NOT getting sleep while the baby is down. I have a growing disdain for our humanly need for sleep, wouldn't it just make more sense to be able to buy batteries over the counter? Anyways, I'm certain I'll hate myself for not being asleep right now later on today but for now - I can't get my eyes to shut and that just is what it is. Besides, it's my turn to get up next anyway.

So funny this concept of "turns", spending the night groggily nudging one another - "it's your turn." I usually lose that battle but it's okay - when I'm feeling particularly nasty I'll wake him up and send him downstairs to make her a bottle, to get her diapers or just any old excuse to make him spend 5 minutes out of bed so I can delight a little in his misery. Is that evil? No, I agree it's only fair.

It's amazing the impact baby has had on ou…