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Shiny new mom optimism, stay with me.

I look like this. Not.

I'm almost two months in on this whole mom gig and I've figured something out - It is fecking hard work. Don't get me wrong, it's the most amazingly fuzzy and wonderfullest thing ever. BUT it's also fecking hard work. And even though you knew it would be hard, nothing prepares you.

The late night feedings and early morning runs to pick up the sitter, the baths and the poop and tapping into my telepathic ability to decipher a crying baby's needs. I'm all over, and to be honest I find I'm not as bothered or as crap at it as I initially thought I was going to be. It's just amazing how you're so consumed with doing all the little things and then BAM it's 2AM and you've not slept (properly), eaten (real food) or even just had a thought about anything other than poop and boobs. And the best part is that it's about to start all over again. (>_<) And what time do we clock out again? Oh yea, um NEVER! And question…

Work, miracles & Mother's Day.

So it's my last weekend home before going back to work. My last weekend after a grand total of 4 weeks off. It sucks and I could complain about how this is a violation of women's rights but I'm turning over a new leaf and watching my language - okay not really, I'm just digressing, so I'll just say that the labor laws here leave muuuuuuuuuch to be desired.

Thankfully, I've managed to sort out a sitter to stay with baby while Mommy's at work pining to be at home instead, so hopefully, I am prepared for this. I was worried I wouldn't find a good sitter to stay with her but I'll tell you why I am certain that God is looking out for Lili. I discussed with my parents my sitter-less situation and my Dad said he had heard that my sitter and her family had moved to American Samoa some years ago. And by my sitter I mean the sitter that looked after ME and my siblings as rotten, tree climbing, beach addicted kids in Samoa years ago. I told him, well if you ca…