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Samoa Elections.

This week, the independent state of Samoa held it's Elections on Thursday and Friday.  I didn't form too many opinions before the elections because if there's one thing Samoans in Samoa have come to know over the past decade is that when it comes to politics - change is more often than not just a fleeting dream, a losing battle at best. Not that it isn't often desired, it was just beginning to seem as though any real change would have to wait until Uncle Stui had had his day, keels over and dies. Bless his heart.

Some interesting results have emerged. The Human Rights Protection Party holds the majority with 30 seats, the 5 independent candidates have declared their support to HRPP. The Tautua Samoa Party has 14 seats. HRPP win again, and Tuilaepa will likely remain PM, however, being that Samoa is once again a two party state, the opposition now having numbers to be formally recognized as such, is very positive. That there is some semblence of an "opposition"…