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Samoans in Malaysia!

Follow my friends Tasha & Jayde on their Malaysian Adventure on their blog Coconut Runnings!

Pleasant Surprise

So my birthday was on Monday and I was sneakily keeping quiet about it at work in the hopes that it would just blow over without anyone noticing. I was chuckling to myself when it had gone by without a peep until today when I walked into the lunch room at noon and my team at work had thrown a birthday lunch for me! It was full of good food and of course, choc chip cake!

I am now full to the brim with deliciously unhealthy food and my baby is undoubtedly bouncing around my tummy with the sugar rush but I can't help smiling at just what a nice, unexpected gesture that was. Especially considering what a slavedriver I am day in day out cracking my whip and beating them to oblivion with my unending demands. Evil woman am I, so undeserving of such niceties. Hmmm.

Bless their hearts.


Mid-week ogling at the online coach sale!


Back to Life Blues.

So it's our second weekend back on the Rock, and the Christmas Season is well and truly over. Now I'll admit, I was slightly gleeful being back at work (sad, I know) but okay, yea, that's worn off already. Time with the family was grand. Lots of food, family, food and fun. Did I mention food? Fresh cream, meat pies, strawberries & pavlovas come to mind. Ugh. I miss my family & I'm depressed just thinking about being back here and not there.

My doctor says I am no longer allowed to travel and as a result I'm missing out on two work trips. I could be in sunny Hawaii right now. Sigh.

Last night, I watched about 4 different videos showing 4 different types of births. Water birth, Natural birth, C-section birth & Epidural Birth. All I can say is - Dearest Lawwwd have mercy on me.

Okay I'm going to leave this post here as it is quickly moving in a downward spiral. Here's hoping next week is better.

But before I go - Belly is huge and kicking like crazy…