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A free minute on Christmas Eve!

It's 2.45am on Christmas Eve. We're waiting to board our flight to NZ, scheduled to leave at 3.30am. Finally a free minute to sit and put some thoughts down. As expected, it's been a crazy hectic Christmas Season. My time unequally being divided between Work, Belly & Work. And yes, "Belly" is my current nickname around the office. Presumably because that's all anyone sees anymore when they see me running around like a mad belly.
Me and Belly have become quite good friends, if I say so myself. We have daily conversations about what we want to eat, who made or ruined our day, whether we should not got for a walk again or what we should eat. I'm getting a kick out of feelingBelly kick back when I say, listen to, or even think something I consider quite profound and take it as his/ her agreeing with me that ice cream at 8pm is a grand idea. Fair to say, we're quite "attached". No pun intended. I'm about 6 and a half months along now and I…

Croc Horror.

I did an indefensible thing today.

I bought crocs.

Yes, those rubber shoe things.

And worst of all I bought them for myself. And I think I actually intend on wearing them *gulp* in public.

To understand the gravity of this issue you must know that I'm the girl that bought shoes first and food second or at all depending on if I had any money left when I was a poor student. I'm the woman that walked a mile through a casino in brand new 5 inch heels without flinching. If you've seen my shoe collection, you'd agree that it's only ... extremely hypocritical of me to now be an owner of rubber cushioned flat shoes. I've made fun of, scoffed at and looked down upon many a pair of crocs in my lifetime that I'm surprised the shoes didn't spontaneously ignite in my bare hands after I'd purchased them today.

I can't clearly say just why I went against my long standing belief that pain is beauty and that comfortable shoes are also known as ugly shoes. I migh…