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Rainy day dilly dallying.

There's a torrential downpour outside. The kind that is so loud you can barely hear yourself think. The kind where ten o'clock in the morning looks like 6.30pm in the evening and the clouds look not much higher than the coconut trees dancing furiously in the wind. The drive to work today was near impossible, lights and wipers on full blast whilst manouvering potholes now disguised as rivers at a racing 15 miles per hour. The skies are making a point - Cyclone season is upon us. Just Mother Nature gently reminding us of her formidable power. A wet reminder thatdespite how self important we've become, in the big scheme of things, we are in fact quite disposable. On the flipside, it's kind of comforting to know there is something greater than just us lousy humans wreaking havoc on this here earth.

I'm at the office, listening to the rain, pondering this sense of "meekness" and uhhh, oh yes, doing some work!

Here's a crappy pic of the view outside right …

Big belly babble.

Big belly makes for obstructive sleeping.

Big belly reduces bladder capacity and makes for frequent late night urinary field trips.

Big belly increases likelihood that people will ignore your face and gawk, have conversations with and uninvitedly touch big belly.

Big belly is the root cause for morning ritual I call "fight with my wardrobe".

Big belly likes milk and mangoes. And pretty much any other food substance.

Big belly makes for huffing and puffing when walking up stairs.

Big belly is cause for dust gathering on high heel collection. And for sudden spike in use of flat shoes.

Big belly dictates what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, dessert and snack time. Often the menu is, "I don't know what I feel like but let me try that."

Big belly likes listening to Iz.

Big belly makes people ask me - Are you pregnant? To which my answer is - No, I had a big breakfast.

Blue couch & Black & white bliss


What to do. What to do.

So it's my day off. First day off in about 3 weeks. And I find myself clueless about what to do with myself. My unsuspecting fiance woke up early and cleaned my kitchen and house before setting off to run errands for his Mom and I'm home in a clean house, all alone listening to my mix of 80s, 90s & Hawaiian music thinking to myself, hmmmm what to do, what to do. Let's see, options?

I could go shopping... I must reluctantly scratch that since there is this new-age "Saving for the future" thing I promised my unsuspecting fiance I'd give a go.

I could have some cocktails - Morning mimosas, anyone? Unfortunately, pending motherhood means I'm now far too obsessed with the fact  that I'm feeding baby to pollute my inards with alcohol like I normally would when a spare moment presented itself.  Don't get me wrong, it pains me every day that I can't have a margarita when the latest prick at work or idiot I've dealt with has ruined my day. And …

Pregnancy Revelations

Since discovering I was knocked up, a few "revelations" have become apparent to me which, for the sake of the unsuspecting single women, I'll reveal to you today.

1) It's clear now why parents brought me into this world. My sole purpose in this world is bear my parents grandchildren. I am bombarded almost daily with calls and emails from my parents asking "How's the baby?" "Uhh, good, I'm not too bad either, thanks for asking - Oh right, I'm just the vessel." Not too long ago, I took a call from a very upset grandmother to be for not filming my first ultra-sound. "Mom, it was a speck on the screen" "But still, you should have filmed it or asked the doctor for a printout or something!"

2) Unless you've been blessed with amazingly elastic skin just buy the damn Bio-Oil.

3) I've finally found the perfect reason to take it easy and make him rub my feet, and buy me things. All without guilt, remember there's …