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Memories of Asiata

My uncle Dr. Asiata Saleimoa Vaalepa Vaai passed on suddenly some weeks ago. It was sudden, tragic and just extremely heart breaking.

I'll always remember him as an extremely learned man (he had degrees for days) in both the way of the white man and the Fa'asamoa. He made getting a higher education seem like the most normal thing in the world, as though it were just the standard and that anyone who applied themselves could do it, no matter what your race, income or circumstance. He's certainly passed it on to his children too. It's a perspective that's influenced me greatly in my own pursuits and I'll forever be grateful to him for, perhaps unknowingly, sharing that with me.

He was always so well spoken with a sharp wit. He had such presence about him, an air of unspoken intelligence and wisdom that would waft around the room when he was there, and you just knew not to mess with him. I recall when my father got his matai title and Asiata was one of the matais i…


"Forgive me father for I have sinned." 

"What brings you here my child?"

"Father, I'm with child. And I am unmarried."


I won't give you the boring background of how my boyfriend and I love each other and have been together for 3 years because of course, all of that is eclipsed by the fact that, I got knocked up before I donned 20 yards of white satin and declared my virginity and chastity under God.

A few short months ago, I found out I was "with child". My initial reactions, were honestly, shock, horror and shock horror. Clearly, this was unplanned and all I could think of was parents disapproval and that I had finally given them their long sought after excuse to disown me.  I fought urges to run into a church and pray for a miracle, and to draw up a lawsuit against the company that had sold me dubious birth control.  It was a difficult first few days.

After I could no longer stand it, I called my mother to share my "news".…

Memoirs of being a lush.

It's a rainy Sunday here. Kind of nice after the blistering sunshine we had yesterday. Driving around yesterday in the daggone heat, there were definite moments where I thought the sun would melt through my car roof and incinerate me to an unpleasantly hot ashy death. So yes, today is kind of nice.

I'm up early (9:02AM... Pugi) and have no desire to cook breakfast, brush my teeth or do anything other than shoot the breeze and talk about the weather (I know, productive is my middle name).

I've been thinking about writing alot lately (because there aren't more important things I'm paid to think about). Mostly because I've not done much of it lately. I used to frequently indulge my creative passions... Or did I? I realize now that my previous employment had me so devoid of brain exercise that I had time and desire to talk smack about such important wonders of life like alcohol, sex and shoes.  Oh the glitz and the glamour, and the... vomit? Who has time these days…