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I penned this April 15, 2010 - "Moments"

Last year - I got a new job and relocated to Tutuila, I ain't dead or married yet, so - so far, so good.
Last month - was my first trip to Las Vegas. Being a staunch non-gambler I snickered at all the suckers in the casino at the Venetian - then on my last day, I lost $35 at the pokie machines at my departure gate.
Last week  - I met one of my all time sports idols. I was awe-struck until he asked me (quite seriously) if he could have my iPhone. 
Yesterday - I drank about 7 beers after work. Burp. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
This year - is by far the busiest, most expensive year yet.
This month - I'm slacking - I've yet to buy a new pair of shoes. 
This week - is draining, but I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize. 
Today - is just one big distraction from the lengthy nap that should be my day. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Next year - Bigger, better things, hopefully.
Next month - I …

9:05am Monday

I'm not sure why, but this past few weeks have seemed to go, just murderously slow for me. I've been finding myself checking the clock a gazillion times throughout my day and asking - Is it Friday yet?.... Nope, still 9.15am on Monday.

Having such endless amounts of time leads to excessive pondering of things I would be doing in my alternative life like, travelling to distant lands, immersing myself in exotic cultures and having these epic unforgettable experiences like saving endangered species and designing shoes for Saks. And then... Nope, it's still 9.25am on Monday.

It doesn't help when the highlights of my week have been completing an online course on the Sarbanes Oxley Law and finishing the first draft of a 25 page customer satisfaction survey. Home time has consisted of Twitter, McDonalds and Jersey Shore. The weekend was a fruitless 7 hour stint in a hospital emergency room. I can feel the words "BORED" being tattooed into my forehead just as I am …