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Dreams are free...

My trip in twit pics

So I just returned from a short trip home. Here's how it went. (Don't mind all my fatty food pics) =)
Our chariot awaits... PH231
Upolu coastline just before landing at Fagali'i.
Loooong lunch with friends. Dessert was ordered. Encounters restaurant, Maluafou - Try it! 
After-work drinks at the newly opened Tanoa Tusitala hotel = splendid!
Did a spot of shopping.
Visited Le Spa.

The view from my massage bed.
Taking time to appreciate something beautiful.
Lunch at Curry House! Lamb Korma & ice cold Coke.

Ready for Fiesta!
Breaky @ Sydneyside
Roadside BBQ while waiting for flight. $3USD plate
Flight back. Scratched up Twin Otter window seat.

remnant emo work puke


Her pedicured feel walk in shoes so high they hurt.
Justified by some warped notion that pain is beauty.
Her clothes are perfectly pressed & crisp, untouched by the wrinkles of "life".
Her lips are always red, symbolic of the blood she draws from her sharp tongue
As she disapproves of mediocre efforts to win her approval.
She is the picture of cold, pedicured perfection.

Except for her eyes.

Her eyes - Bloodshot and blurry.
Heavy with the weight of withheld emotion.
Her eyes speak of pain. Of doubt.
Beneath her bloodshot eyes.
She stirs, shaking, struggling to be composed.
Clinging to the edges of her sanity.
Inside her childhood heart is screaming - Get me out, get me out.
Because she's so caught up trying to hold up.
This facade of togetherness. This sharp pursuit of perfection.
To be sharp. To be perfect. To be worthy.
Yet, she's so tightly wound, that she's falling apart.
Her powdered face, her lined eyes, are cold and, efficient.
Yet her insides bur…


It's going on a month since my last update. Gee how time flies. I'm nearing the point where I need a break from work. Okay I lie, I'm about half way around the world beyond that point but hanging in there.

The work is fulfilling, most days. Boring, not any day. And challenging every moment of every day. I guess I'm a sucker for the challenge. A sucker for the pain and a sucker for the rush I get when seeing the outcomes of a project completed, a product launched, happy customers, or just coming home having learnt something new - often in ways I least expected.

Like today - a perfect example. So things have been going great at work, in terms of the progress I've been making in projects, promotions and product launches. Just last week we just closed a major conference successfully. Overall, by my own self-assessment I think have been doing a pretty damn good job. And then today, I was completely blind-sided by a member of my team who is usually quiet and always very …