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Testing testing

Two things to mention today.

1) Today marks day 2 at the gym. I'm keeping the goal here basic: To go again, tomorrow, since that's about as far ahead as I can see after spending exactly 43 mins and 36 seconds on treadmill. I can plan 24 hours into the future, then it gets blurry after that.

2)  I am composing this post from my iPhone. I'm trying out this whole mobile blogging thing, because what I need in my hectic life is just another distraction. Anyways, I'm using the lame freebie app which affords me just the most basic functionality but hey, you never know. If this goes well I may let up being so stingey and "splurge" on the $2.99 app which will no doubt unlock a world of procrastination possibilties.

3) Okay, I thought of a third thing. I watched all episodes of gLee in the last 3 days and yea, okay - the singing is nice and I find it hilarious that Kurt is the mirror image of sooo many of my friends, but that aside the show was somewhat so so for me.…

Oyster Bay Bliss

So I've returned from the vacay, and glad to say - it's reinstated some semblance of my sanity - Thank GOD! Amazing what a good night's sleep and a significant amount of dollars spent can do for your perspective.

Time with the family was spent appropriately doing lots of eating, ego hoisting and drinking. My sister graduated from Uni, with Honours and is now a making the bucks as a big shot Engineer - proud proud moment for the whanau, which was of course celebrated with yet more eating, egos, and a dozen bottles of Oyster Bay Savignon Blanc.

I also ate lots of pies. I introduced my Dad to the wonders of the iPad and needless to say - he is never using a pesky laptop or that ancient thing called a desktop. EVER again. On the days I was too lazy or too cold to scour the Auckland shopping arena, I stayed home and rifled through my mother's closet which impossibly, continues to grow and transform at an alarming rate. The woman has more clothes than the Queen of Sheba. Did…