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Clean Slate

New look for the blog today, because:
1) It's my effort to shake off the proverbial bullshit of the last few weeks - I'm confident it will do nothing, so I'm simply humouring myself.
2) It's my procrastinative activity of the week - highly important for sustained healthy career growth.
3) and just because those shoes are so darn pretty... aside of course, from being comfortable, practical and affordable at the low, low price of $550 USD. You can buy them here or just drool over them (like I did) from 7 different views here.

I will be off next week on a much needed vacation. I will no doubt spend enough time and money with family to make me appreciate once again my current solitary, slave-driven existence. Yes, that will make me feel better. And hopefully, less of a bitch around these ways. I think I've been this ahem - unpleasant lately because I am no longer diluting my misery with vodka as past habits have dictated and henceforth, the world is bearing the brunt …

Hell week

The last few weeks have been kind of hmmm hellish. This was a draft post from a few days ago.

So I've been in a bit of funk lately. A specific kind of funk. The one where I hate the world, most especially work and men. The one where it's MY way, and God Help You if you think there's any other way. Thanks to being surrounding by a constant supply of unsuspecting, foolish company - everyone I've encountered has just been eating it! For the past two weeks (at least) my every day vocabulary has been abundantly peppered with name calling, fire breathing and all sorts of colorful language. And of course my overall demeanour has been at best disapproving and bitchy. Just to be clear, anybody who so much as looked at me in any way other than lovingly, I stripped them of their dignity and zapped their naked remains into fiery oblivion with unladylike verbal daggers and a look considered illegal in most …

Lemon heaven.

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I died and went to heaven, after dying a painful bloody death in a tomato slicer like contraption - gory, yes, but that wasn't the most memorable bit of my dream.

Heaven, as I remember it, was - cliche as it sounds - the most beautiful place ever. Not in a physical sense but it just felt really good to be there. I recall a clear sense of what can only be described as utter elation. I was deeply content and at peace. There was no gravity, no pain, faint harp music and lots of light. I'm sure I was smiling ear to ear, if not floating above my bed at that point.

The thing that struck me as a little odd was the lemon slices. Gleaming yellow, perfect half moon, thin lemon slices were all around me suspended like frozen citrus snowflakes. I was mesmerized. A smiling someone handed me a bag lined with lemon slices which was filled with perfectly formed ice cubes and nodded for me to help myself. My next thought was... Hmmmm... where's the vodk…