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Tax Bitch.

Generally in life, I'm one of those boring by-the-rules-people. I did my homework, listened to my parents, I almost never lied to them, I didn't get pregnant as a teenager, I ate my vegetables, I went to church, I wasn't a problem child. I mean, sure I sometimes buy shoes beyond my means, maybe I can be a mean bitch (when provoked) and okay I didn't return my library books that one time in middle school, but generally speaking I've played life by the rules.

Today, being the do-gooder, law abiding citizen I am, I went to get my taxes completed and filed in time, because you know, it's the law and it's the right thing to do, and lo and behold - I owe the state just over $2500. Uhhhhhhh. *Dizzy speechless moment* Reaction: F*CK WHAT?!

Apparently, I earn too much, the Government withholds too little and I don't get tax credits because I didn't pay for my education and I have no kids or dependents.

Which made me mad beyond belief that I had to laugh. So …


Nuff Said.

New Year, New Shoes.

January 2010, is the first month in the five years since I started blogging that I didn't post. Fair to say, life has been hectic, being dominated mostly by my gung-ho efforts to carve a career for myself.

As many Samoans/ people I know would agree - 2009 was one of the rough ones, with far more than it's fair share of heartache. I wish I could say it was extremely enriching and we all grew immensely from it, but frankly, it hurt like hell, and I'm glad it's over. I'm adding my prayer to the queue in God's waiting list of wishes: For 2010 to be kind to us.

Holiday Season came and went in a blur. The memorable bits of it being finally getting off work at 8.30pm on Xmas Eve, having my entire family (parents & siblings) under one roof for the first time in yonks and more importantly sharing a beer for breakfast with my Dad & siblings at 10am on a Tuesday morning.

I'm 8 months deep into living in American Samoa, I'm still staunchly a foreigner (lol)…