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The Frank Book

A piece I wrote about Pageants in Samoa got published last year, in Chapter 35 of The FRANK BOOK - a youth culture publication out of New York City.

The web version was updated today. Enjoy! (Or not - I couldn't care less) but here it is.

Weight Watching

I've discovered several things recently.

Kellogg's Special K - Protein Plus tastes like fricken CARDBOARD. Eck!

Several weeks ago, I embarked on a weight loss challenge because, well there's no pretty way about it, the size of my ass was just getting out of hand, I was feeling yucky. Oh, and it was becoming all too regular people asking me if I was "carrying".

So I've been exercising consistently - which I can get into - the hard part has been controlling what I've been eating. I spent many an hour researching diets and nutrition to find something that suited me and it's funny, if you read enough - pretty much EVERYTHING you eat is bad according to one diet expert or another. Don't eat fat, don't eat carbs, don't eat sugar, don't eat salt, don't eat fruits, don't eat red meat, don't eat too late, don't eat... AT ALL? Goddamnyoupeople!

Eventually - I decided to keep it simple - eat less, exercise more.  The exercise has been…