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Tisa's Tattoo Fest

I know this is one of those instances where the saying "almost doesn't count" applies but in the weekend I came scarily close to volunteering to have myself permanently etched with ink. There's something immensely enticing about allowing yourself to bear permanent visible testimony to a decision at one point in your life. It's like a statement - this is who I am and I bear it proudly. It's almost intimidating in it's permanence, daring you - This is me. WHO ARE YOU??? Which of course makes those who get tattoos either immensely courageous or... just plain foolish. Whatever the motives, whether on a whim or meticulously planned, whether stenciled or free hand, by machine or traditional tools, it's undeniable that tatau/ tattooing in the Pacific exudes strength and mana, and the results are just incredibly beautiful.

In the weekend I attended Tisa's Tattoo Fest '09 at Tisa's Barefoot Bar on Alega Beach, on the East Side of Tutuila.

Some of m…