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No work on Sundays.

It's a Sunday morning in Tutuila and I am enjoying the sounds of Sunday morning. The calm humming of my A/C unit and the hypnotic thrashing of the seas from the not so distant shoreline. I can see the wind moving through the trees outside my window and the sunshine piercing through the clouds like it does only on Sundays in Samoa. This is one of my favourite parts of my week, Sunday morning, doing nothing at all. No work on Sundays.
It's going on 5 months since I moved here and as I take a moment to think about it - It's been an intense time. This is thanks not only to the unforgiveable events of Sep. 29, 09 but just to life in general. 
Career wise - this is exactly the kind of assignment I was seeking. The kind that has me doing new things constantly, the kind with good mentors, the kind with lots of responsibility and lots of risk,  the kind that has reduced me to tears on occassion, the kind that pushes me to the proverbial edge of my potential and demands of me to dance…

Tsunami Chant

I got this in email recently. Feel free to add on and share. 
The evening bells have just rung for evening prayer.
Our prayer tonight is
that of gratitude
that our family and neighbours are safe.
But our hearts
are with those families
who can not say the same,
who will sleep tonight
without a son,
a daughter,
a mother,
a father,
an uncle,
an aunt,
a cousin.
Their loss is our loss.
Even the night birds feel it.
~ Sia Figel
Even the night birds feel it
your words
swim the sky
and through
red feather clouds
and blood tears
i know that we are
even in our disconnectedness
of space
~ Frances Koya

Even in our disconnectedness
of space
the whole of Samoa is on its knees
Samoa in Aotearoa
Samoa in Fiji
Samoa in Amerika
Samoa in Hawai'i
praying and
swallowing salt tears
swallowing time
shoes and soles of feet
swallowing bones and lives and sheet
memories of the day before Wednesday
swallowing distance and space
swallowing our sea memories
to taste this pain
that is ours
~ Selina T. Marsh
To taste this pain that is ours
To reme…


It's been just over 2 weeks since it happened. 
I've really had neither the time nor the gall to be able to properly say what's been going on since it happened because, well, I just couldn't. Words just feel inadequate to really convey it's impact on us all. 
The only obvious thing is this: Our lives are changed forever, because of it.