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Today, a tsunami hit Samoa.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
9:48 AM
Status: Sitting on a mountain-side. Shocked & Dreading.

Actually, to start from the beginning, I was laying naked on my bed, recovering after being sorely conquered by a stairmaster at the gym this morning when an earthquake, literally, shook my already fragile world.

It took a few seconds to register that it was an earthquake and not just my bearings playing tricks with me. I grudgingly took myself out of bed, wrapped myself in a sheet and stepped outside. Bloody Mother Nature interrupting my slumber. How rude.

In the half hour that followed, I moseyed around taking my sweet time in the shower, cooked and enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and spaghetti over toast, ironed my clothes and checked my phone as I got into the car to leave for work. There was a missed call, and a voicemail. I listened to a hectic voicemail message from a friend of mine from Samoa with lots of background noise: "... I'm calling to check if you're okay, I heard the…