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Destiny's child audition tape - 1997

Beyonce looks and sounds the same now as at 15, don't you think?

Some bitches have all the luck.

Lol, ioe, chalus.

Courtesy of Kanye's Blog

Change, stilettos & immigration fraud

It’s been a truly long minute since I hated on men, complained about work, and just bitched in general about life on here. The reasons for my hiatus are varied in real importance and shock value ranging from the fact that I was the (guilty) suspect in a police investigation to the fact that I’m just kind of a lazy ass.

I write these lines in the dusty and now Swine flu infested streets of Apia, no mask on (what can I say, I'm living life on the edge) sucking on a Halls Defense lolly fighting off the remnants of lethargy from deportation and a three week long bout of a truly deathly stream of the flu and fever combo.

To start, I should mention that about two months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend, quit my job, moved out of the country and just generally decided that my life philosophy needed a revamp. Because whoever dreamt up the sap story that true love and an honest day’s work were a way to happiness is a complete dipshit. After rudely discovering the untruth in that crock of c…