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Marriage - what's the fuss?

Some interesting commentary on this piece on Marriage - what's the fuss? in Spasifik Magazine by Qiane (pronounced Key-r-neh) Corfield-Matata.

Some commentary

Interesting-thought provoking piece here. I'm 25, my partner has been married before, and while there's no pressure for us to deck out in white, don some bling in the name of sharing last names and a bathroom for the rest of our lives, truth be told, it's interesting to consider (innit!? lol). And while I'm no slave to tradition, I find myself in two minds about it.

While I respect (even condone) Qiane's view that your commitment to your loved one is either solid or not, irrespective of whether you have the party or not, I can't help but believe that, more has to be said for the act of marriage. After all, it's worth recognizing that it has been stupid choices (whether forced or otherwise) that make bad marriages, surely, that shouldn't take away from the importance and value of the act of marr…

Queen Vic in Samoa

So Queen Victoria has just left our shores, the cruise ship that is, not the ghost of an English Monarch, and I'm kicking myself at having not gotten some photos of the grand vessel when it was on our shores. Length wise, it was bigger than the wharf. Hehe. Friday day, Apia was crawling with white linen clad, sunscreen smeared, sweaty, pink cheeked tourists. I sat at Vaiala, enjoying a sandwich and the breeze in peace watching them walk past in droves, assumedly to find a sandy patch along Vaiala's merciless shore. Some smiled and waved as they walked past. Some just slowed down - probably negotiating beneath their Prada sunglasses whether it was safe to approach the hungry native - and then speeding up again on their course on perhaps Samoa's worst beach. Finally, a brave man wearing enough sun block to save him from not only melanoma but probably oxygen as well, slowed down and approached me. He hesitated then called out to me from a safe distance of about 10 feet "…