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It's not you, it's me, asshole.

I've been crying all fucking day.

Over pointless BS like feeling sick, work, missing my family and dumb miscommunications with people who misinterpret my effed up mood for something other than the childish cry for someone to give a damn about my pointless BS, it actually is.


I read somewhere that as a Capricorn, being an earth sign my primary emotion is anger. Which sadly (for the rest of the world) I can't discount since my version of upset usually ranges from mild scorn to my tongue showing as much mercy as the Venus fly trap. I know I'm being blatantly selfish and cynical (all Capricorn traits too) but honestly - times like this when it's just been a shitty day, you've gotta ask yourself - why deal with other people when they'll just piss you the hell off, just like you expect them to.

Turning to your go-to someone to just listen and instead they feel taxed and offended.

As if this is about them. God dammit, this is my pity party.

Humanity is just sooo o…