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blessed are the dreamers
wandering through life
with their hearts on their sleeves
wearing their vulnerability
like a badge of honor
brazen in their celebration of freedom

blessed are the realists
charging through life
meeting lifes demands
their hearts always intact
safe beneath their hard outer selves
proud in their defiance of pain

issues of interpretation
bludgeon at our bond
wear out my patience
make you doubt my love

what goes on in our hearts and minds
is it out of our control
or is it only in our control

pick your lens
but don’t lose sight.
Of the inalienable truth.

One unshakable droplet of fact
In a vineyard of uncertainty.

It’s that whichever way you look at it.
We're both blessed.
With each other.

Sunday November 23, 2008

Some days I miss grad school. And then I remember how much I enjoyed it.

Not paying attention.
You taunt me with your idiocy.
With your notions of "education"
Your "measures" of my "intelligence"
Do nothing but fuel my irritation.
You stand while I sit.
Forcefeeding me with your
Ill prepared lectures and your unsubstantiated claims.
Masked as "education" from a Doctor.
Who are you to diagnose me?
With your concocted cures for my future.
What do you take me for?
A soul needing saving
A sponge obliviously absorbing.
Expecting me to just lay still and
gratefully lap up this crazy propaganda
Because it comes from someone who's "qualified."

I cannot muster the adjectives
To fully describe how incredulous this set up feels like.

Sitting watching you.
Nobly corrupting young minds.

It's obvious to you, me and the desks.
That this that you dare to "teach"
Is utter mediocrity.
And I refuse to listen.
So I'm not.
Not paying attention.

The future is a gift.

"You're only as good as your next performance, not your last one."

Yes, rough week at work.


Aso Sa (incomplete)

The familiar sounds of Sunday morning lure me out of my deep slumber. I can hear the neighbour husking coconuts and cutting wood for the umu, the birds and roosters insensitively piercing the peaceful dawn lull with their chorus of crows and chirps. It's barely light outside, I can see the leaves of the talie tree outside my window rustling slighting, dancing to the mild morning breeze. There's rain on the way. I can't see it yet but I can hear it the pitter patter of raindrops on nearby the tree tops, the forests playing chinese whispers to let us know that showers are on the way.

I can hear my aunty rather indelicately waking up my younger cousins to go help the neighbours with the Umu.

*Bang bang bang* she's knocking the walls downstairs, shaking the whole house. "GET UP! The food won't cook itself!"

I can hear cousin shuffling in his bed next door, squeezing out what seconds of sleep he can before the inevitable...

*Bang bang bang* she's at the door …