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Tracy Chapman lyric

You've got a fast car. But is it fast enough so we can fly away.

Saviour, my ass.

So my thesis defense went well. I passed. :) It kind of went like this.

I presented. My committee drilled me. Then passed me. And I jumped for joy. "Yay, I'm a Master. Hurrah. Hurrah. Woopy Do Dee Da." This lasted all of about five minutes when my committee said "Well, hold on a minute. Not quite. First do these revisions" *rolls out list the size of the goddamn mother fucking Nile.*

Excuse the profanity, but it's the only way to describe how short lived my blissful "Congrats you've passed your Masters defense" moment was.

They build this defense up to be the culmination of two years of your bloody hard work. Which, in case you didn't read my previous post, was kinda rough. And then they pass you only to bombard you with more work. It's like after winning a boxing match, the ref takes a cheap shot below the belt, and demands that you run a hundred laps before you can take your winnings home.

However. Underneath all the bitchy complainin…

Watermelon anyone?

It's the day before my defense. Watermelon for breakfast today. I needed something fresh today. That, and I've already ingested all the of caffeine within 5 miles of Honolulu.

Um, jitters anyone?

Suffice to say, it's been a testing week.

Okay I lie, to say this week has been "testing" is like a malnourished Englishman named Charles, upon waking up damn near frostbitten on a Winter morning, saying something like "tis rather nippy, isnt it lovey?"

"Uhhhh. YES Charles. Check you dick isn't frozen because it's FUCKING COLD."

Of course, an inevitable consequence is that I have been swaying between being a tearful wreck and then hyper extroverted with a false sense of confidence (more than usual). Yes, my bipolar tendencies have been on overdrive this week thrashing me about with it's two faced ugliness. Scary, I know. Tip 1 - Wear dark glasses. Tip 2 - Pills help (just kidding).

On top of this being the most ridiculously emo week of my life, …